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The Young Ones Activity Nursery aim to achieve a high standard of child care with a caring, enthusiastic, qualified and experienced team.
We have a happy, secure environment which has a strong creative arts focus with many different types of creative activities, giving children access to a large range of art media and equipment.

The emphasis is on encouraging the children's independent thinking and Individuality, building confidence and self-esteem and above all encouraging the development of free creative thought, through painting, cooking, gardening, water and sand Also story telling, singing sessions, music and movement, and free play.

We have a large play area that we set up each day to allow the children to access a wide range of activities and equipment. The children follow a comprehensive educational programme that includes all six Early Learning Goals and throughout their day they participate in a variety of fun activities that promote a range of developmental skills, such as 'free expression' through creative arts. We believe this to be fundamental to successful learning.

We work closely with Ofsted and the Early Years Team, following Early Years Foundation Stage.
This week’s topic is ‘Colour Everywhere’
The children are making their own Rainbow Collage using a variety of paint, art materials and tools.  Throughout this activity the children will gain knowledge and understanding of colour and handling tools with confidence.

Our outside area is big enough that the children can take part in a number of physical activities that promote a range of skills. They have a wide range of toys and equipment that they can use in the garden to encourage balancing, climbing and directional skills, as well as spatial awareness.