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We welcome parents to come and view the nursery and meet the team that work so hard at making the children happy.
The Manager will meet with you and go through all the information about settling children, activities, assessments, and daily routines.

You can register at nursery by filling out the registration form, paying a small registration fee and a deposit that is refundable from your first month's fee.
We encourage pre start visits to help the children to settle into nursery and help the parents get to know the staff. These are done on an individual basis that allows us to treat each child differently according to their needs.

Children can bring a comforter from home and are allowed time to adjust to our busy routines in their own time while we get to know them and encourage them to join in. Children sometimes form attachments to one member of staff, which can help with settling in.

After a month in nursery, parents are offered a review to discuss how their child is settling in and to talk through any queries and concerns that may have arisen. Throughout a child's time at nursery, parents are offered regular reviews, which give the opportunity to discuss a child's progress and development.