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Artist Week - Matisse Artist of the Term (Summer 2014) – Henri Matisse (1869 – 1954)
World Book Week World Book Week
25th Birthday Celebrating 25 years of my nursery
Artist Week - Kandinsky The artist is Kandinsky
Art Gallery Some samples of children's work.
Artist Week - Degas Ballerina themed artwork inspired by Degas
Artist Week - Rousseau Henri Rousseau ‘Imaginary Voyages’
Artist Week - Van Gogh A week of art inspired by Vincent van Gogh
Biscuit Bear Images inspired by the Biscuit Bear series of books.
Planting Fun The children spent a week focusing on flower planting for Mother's Day.
Wonderful Rainforest Our Wonderful Rainforest Project
ipad Early Years Education The Nursery iPads
Sports Day at Nursery Nursery Sports Day - Summer 2011
FunDays Photographs from some of our FunDays
Summer Holiday Funday Fun in the sun!