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The children enjoyed a visit from the zoo. all diffent sizes of snakes, spiders, lizards stick insects and many more exciting visitors were invited in to meet our nursery children. We watched a lizard having his lunch. The children were allowed to stroke and touch some of the zoo visitors.  The parents also enjoyed wearing some of the snakes! This funday linked to our nursery London zoo visit in which we travelled to London Zoo by coach  to visit the animals. We have also sponsored a monkey called Sweetie and a tarantula called Fang named by the children.

I was presented with a special trophy, flowers, cake in the shape of the numbers 25  and fabulous cards made  from my nursery team and cards made by the children. Lunch was an amazing spread with a fresh tropical fruit salad all made by our cook.

I really had a fabulous day and I thank everyone that helped to make it such another special memory to add to the numerous amazing memories with so much love fun and laughter I have been priveleged to have been a part of over the last 25 years.