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The nursery is embarking on a new and exciting project. We are learning all about the rainforest!

The children are building up their very own rainforest project which will finish at the end of term. Each child is taking part in activities each week and learning about various animals and plants that live in the rainforest.

The children have made collages, tree frogs and parrots so far and have enjoyed learning lots of different things about the world’s most amazing rainforests.

Our interest table in the hallway where the children can hear sounds of the rainforest when they arrive at nursery and they have brought in various toys and books to put on our rainforest table.

We have asked the children to choose animals from the rainforest to adopt and part of our ever growing special friends is now Bounty the Spider Monkey and Fangs the Tarantula. Fangs was aptly named by Alyssa, aged four. The Spider Monkey’s name was chosen from the winner of a Spider Monkey colouring competition.

We are all looking forward to visiting Fangs and Bounty at their home at the London Zoo later this year.

Photographs by Daniel Turrell