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 My son N has been with “The Young Ones” nursery (on an average of four full days a week) since he was one year old and he is now ready to start his new adventure in Primary school. In all this time, we have always been very pleased with the service received. The staff is very caring, friendly , supportive, and does the extra mile to help with the parents’ requests, including adding sessions at the last minute. Every time that I had anything specific to communicate to nursery or that I needed some feedback about my child’s development, the staff has been on top and I have received immediate help or communications. The quality of education is excellent: I can see how much my son has been/ is learning on a daily basis, and the staff has high expectations of him, challenging him to make him reach his full potential and to improve his self-esteem. Everyday my son has been looking forward to go to nursery and I’m very grateful that he had such a great experience! 

Date Written: 25 August 2023
Testimonial By: Miss Rinaldi

 We are truly grateful for the care that our son has received at The Young Ones. All his individual needs were met and his development drastically improved in the time that he was there. The Young Ones observed my son’s strengths and weakness and supported him to reach his full potential. It is a loving and friendly environment which my son will miss greatly. Thank you for everything  

Date Written: 20 July 2023
Testimonial By: Mrs Madison

 Three and a half years ago our son was due to start nursery and unfortunately he didn't settle into the first nursery we had reserved a place for him. We went into panic mode and frantically started looking for a new nursery. At this point I was close to throwing my career down the drain to stay home with our son. Then I called the Young Ones and the rest was history... Our son thrived at the Young Ones and always came out with a smile on his face. This nursery is more a like a family than an establishment and we could really feel the rapport our child built with the team. We cannot thank the team enough for all the beautiful memories our son has built over the years at the Young Ones with all the amazing activities you have involved him in. He is now growing into a confident young school boy in Reception with the same beautiful smile and twinkling in his eye! Thanks to you, as a mother, I was able to hold on to my career and it is only because of you that I am where I am today. We miss you all very much! 

Date Written: 14 November 2022
Testimonial By: Mrs N

 We couldn’t be happier with The Young Ones, it was definitely one of the best decisions we have made. We feel confident that our daughter had been given the best possible start to her early years education and life. The love, care and education is like home from home. The life skills and education she has received at The Young Ones has prepared her for her future and definitely ready for big school. The Youngs Ones will forever hold a special place in our hearts.  

Date Written: 13 September 2022
Testimonial By: Miss Koomson

 Need a nursery for you little ones? Look no further. The Young Ones is a joy for all. My daughter has just completed 2 yrs prior to starting school and has loved everything from the singing, the stories, playing in the garden, the teachers and even the food. She would always come home with things she had made for special occasions. Feedback was given on pick up about her day including updates on the Famly app. Thank you all for the love and care you have all given to Bella, we are so glad to have found you for her last 2yrs of nursery and will miss you all so much!  

Date Written: 13 September 2022
Testimonial By: Mrs Murphy

 The Young One’s has been a huge support to our family & children attending there. Our little boy has thrived in their care and gone from strength to strength. The nursery supported him throughout his autism diagnoses and tailored learning and care to cater for his needs. I sincerely can’t thank them enough 

Date Written: 16 August 2022
Testimonial By: Mrs Madison

 The young ones nursery are absolutely fantastic. From the moment our child attended the nursery he was very well looked after, we always received feedback each day, the nursery and surroundings are always clean and the staff are very polite and friendly. The app they use is also superb to track your child’s progress and to keep us parents informed. We would highly recommend the young ones. 5*  

Date Written: 16 August 2022
Testimonial By: Mr Ghattaroa

 N has loved every second of her time at The Young One’s. As a parent I felt the nursery was like a second family to N and I trusted them completely. N has also made friends for life at the Young Ones. Everyday she would come home with something new that she has learned. I’ll never forget when she started to read numbers to me and her dad. Thank you to every single member of staff at the Young Ones for treating my child as if she was their own. You’ve helped me when work commitments wasn’t always straight forward and I’ll forever be thankful  

Date Written: 16 August 2022
Testimonial By: Miss Austin

 My son was with the young ones from around 11 months old until just before his 4th birthday. I am so thankful for this nursery in helping my son develop and grow into the wonderful young boy he is today. They were always on hand to help when I needed their support and the staff have such wonderful relationships with the children. I was set on sending my son to this nursery within my first few minutes of visiting all those years ago for the homely atmosphere. It truly is a wonderful nursery full of wonderful people and we will miss them very much until our next child is due to attend! Thank you to everyone at the young ones over the years for being such an outstanding part of our family. 

Date Written: 07 November 2021
Testimonial By: Miss Clifford

 The Young ones has been a part of my sons life since he was 2 years old and he has flourished within the nursery. The staff have helped him in so many different ways and are allways willing to go the extra step. He is now off to Reception and I couldn't be more confident with the fantastic start he has had coming to The young ones. Thank you all again for your support and encouragement towards E. 

Date Written: 07 November 2021
Testimonial By: Miss Ford

 'It feels like the end of an era now that both our boys have left the Young Ones. It was over 8 years ago that our eldest son first started there, and his younger brother has been just as happy and settled during the last three years. We knew as soon as we walked in and met Becky for an initial tour that this would be the right nursery for us. We had already been to see quite a few others, but not felt completely happy with any of them. We first noticed all the happy faces in the open plan layout and were impressed that as well as being so on top of the managerial side of things Becky and Kelly know every child individually and take such an active part in their care. The Young Ones really does go the extra mile to look after the children and to ensure their individual needs are met. When our youngest child first started he would refuse to sleep anywhere other than in his own push chair, and they were happy to accommodate this. They also go to a lot of effort to put on fun themed days and events that the parents can join in with if they are able to. The staff are all lovely and still make our nine year old feel welcome whenever he comes with us to collect his little brother. We will all miss the Young Ones now that our youngest is about to start Big School, but are looking forward to going back to visit.'  

Date Written: 07 September 2020
Testimonial By: Mrs Parker

 Hi All, we cannot thank you enough! From taking a very anxious little boy to my 11 month baby. Since 2015 I have placed two children at The Young Ones Nursery, one at 11 months and another at 3 years old. I can highly recommend the excellent team. We chose Young Ones nursery because they have clear policies, were flexible in drop offs and pick ups. They offered hot and cold freshly made meals on site. The daily activities at the nursery meant both my children’s social, creative, communication and listening skills were developed. The key for us they had fun and learnt. I found the staff to be qualified and kept up to date with training, the turnover of staff was low which offered stability. The staff always showed a lot of care and attention and genuine passion for the children. The two managers at the Nursery are exceptional, providing clear communication, guidance, enthusiasm and ability to genuinely listen, as well deal with issues in a calm manner. I have complete faith and trust in the team.  

Date Written: 06 August 2020
Testimonial By: Mrs K

 The end of an era! Leon is the 3rd of our children to leave The Young Ones nursery to go to big school in September. It all started 8 years ago when needed to find a new nursery for our daughter Imogen after her previous nursery was shut down. We were a little apprehensive about putting her somewhere new… We visited several places, but our then 3-year-old, kept on clinging to me not wanting to look around at all. Our first visit to The Young Ones was different, she instantly seemed to feel comfortable and went to play with the other children – always a good sign! Imogen’s two brothers, Noah and Leon, joined The Young Ones as babies, in 2012 and 2017 respectively. Along the way, all three of them have had lots of fun and could not wait to get through the nursery door in the mornings. They took part in a wide variety of activities and events, made some lovely friends, went on fun trips, and developed hugely in all areas. All nursery staff have shown loving care and dedication to our children for which we are incredibly thankful. The staff are extremely welcoming and helpful, nothing is too big or small to deal with. As parents we have had a good relationship with the staff; in fact, The Young Ones have become our extended family. We will really miss them!  

Date Written: 01 July 2020
Testimonial By: M Elliott

 The Young Ones has been a part of our family for the past 4 years or so and we could not recommend a more caring, efficient and welcoming nursery. They have always kept us well informed about our children’s progression and we have two very outgoing, positive and happy children. Although we want to take full credit for it a large part of it is down to their time at the nursery and the love and nurture the staff have given them. We will be sad to say goodbye but thanks to them our children have learnt skills, manners, friendship, love and affection which has built a great foundation for them to continue their childhood at school. For that we will be forever grateful.  

Date Written: 06 June 2020
Testimonial By: Mr & Mrs Mayo

 Just a quick email to say a HUGE thanks for looking after O while she has been at the young ones! We were so happy that she got to go to the nursery after remembering how much my niece loved it there- and you did not disappoint! You are all so hard working and amazing with the kids. O has enjoyed every minute with you A special mention to Becky and Kelly who are so helpful and friendly. We will really miss you!  

Date Written: 11 August 2019
Testimonial By: Miss Hearn

 The Young Ones nursery is not just a nursery, it is an extension of our family. With our eldest child we moved frequently so have compared this nursery with many others- this has been by far the best. The layout and space allows the ease of interaction between every member of staff and every child. This has led to our daughter building excellent relationships with all staff and the full age range of children. She has developed respect and has been a role model for the younger children, she has also learnt so much from the older ones. We do not believe this is achieved at many other nurseries. As our daughter knows all of the staff it does not matter which shift they are on, she is content from the moment she rings the doorbell! If she could just walk on in I am sure I wouldn’t even need to get out of the car! As all of the staff know our daughter well and know her cheeky ways they are all able to challenge her individual needs. The staff make this nursery a fabulous, fun-filled and loving home from home.  

Date Written: 23 July 2019
Testimonial By: Mrs Marston

 Thank you so much for all that you have done to make A's time at nursery such a happy, exciting and rewarding loving experience. He has flourished in your care and he'll really miss you all very much! Thank you to all the staff for showing so much love for A 

Date Written: 23 July 2019
Testimonial By: Mrs Dhaliwal

 Really pleased once again with The Young Ones. J has loved coming here and I really like the way the children are allowed to play and encouraged to be independent. Its a lovely place for kids to grow 

Date Written: 23 July 2019
Testimonial By: Mrs Keeler

 The Young Ones Ltd is a first class nursery provider which encourages and promotes good life skills through play. Before my twin girls joined the nursery, I felt really anxious about what to expect. However, when I met with the friendly staff my fears quickly disappeared. The communication between staff and parent/guardian is very sound, and as a parent who is currently serving in the Armed Forces, I find that the lines of communication are always open and all the staff members are very accommodating whether it is adapting the days to fit it around my hectic schedules. The staff are very attentive to each child's needs. I strongly believe that the nursery has played a pivotal part in helping my twin girls to gain the confidence to interact with other toddlers their age, and to learn, discover new things each day. Thank you and Keep up the great work! 

Date Written: 16 August 2017
Testimonial By: Deia Cooman

 We will would to take this opportunity to thank you, Gemma and the nursery staff for the all the support, care and affection you have given our son especially over these last 12-18 months. He has come a long way during this time and a lot of it is down to your dedication towards his development. He is in a good place to start Reception at School. He will miss you all lots, particularly his friends, but we will keep you posted on his life at school. 

Date Written: 20 July 2017
Testimonial By: Mr & Mrs V

 Thank you for all that you have done over the past 7 years for our children (and us!).It feels like the end of an era! The Young ones is a really friendly and caring nursery with some amazing staff where both Rachel and James have been happy, well cared for and made friendships that have continued long after they have left the nursery, Rachel and Charlotte are still really close despite not attending the Young Ones since 2013!) We all have happy memories of the nursery and will continue to recommend the Young Ones to others. With Many Thanks. Rob & Clare Green  

Date Written: 20 July 2017
Testimonial By: Rob & Clare Green

 I cannot recommend The Young Ones enough. Nicolas and Dimitri have been attending the ' Young Ones ' for over 3 years. It has been their second home. The staff are fantastic, they really do love the kids, which is why Nicolas and Dimitri love going each day, and if they are happy then I am, any concerns or worries I have with my boys, staff are always available for a chat. I had no idea they would learn so much, Nicolas is always singing different songs, copying his name on paper and counting, Dimitri loves messy play especially painting, he also loves cooking and often brings home yummy cookies. I am amazed at the amount of different activities they have during the week. I am highly recommending The Young Ones to other parents, a big thanks to Gemma, Lauren, Kelly, Bev, Carol, Paris, Rosie, Becky who have looked after my boys for over three years. We will miss you. Mira Nicolas and Dimitri's mom  

Date Written: 30 June 2017
Testimonial By: Mira Kontselidze

 Our association with the Young Ones dates back 5 years now. We had placed our eldest in another nursery but moved him to the Young Ones after meeting the team. We came away from that meeting with a strong sense that we could trust the team with the task of looking after our boy. He was given the room and encouragement to really flourish and we had no hesitation sending our second when the time came. Both boys are very different but they each received the kind guiding hand of the Young Ones and we could not be more delighted with how things have turned out. As our youngest prepares to move on, we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending The Young Ones as a wonderful nursery.  

Date Written: 18 September 2016
Testimonial By: Mandeep and Manav Sohal

 Dear Becky & Young Ones Team As I begin to prepare Max for school this September, I find myself reflecting so very fondly on the exceptional start in life that both my children have been blessed to have had with you all at The Young Ones Ltd. I really do feel quite passionate about your excellence & have, & will continue to recommend your services. I am a tough one to please, especially where my babies are concerned! I have said this before - I could travel the entire country & not find another nursery that I would feel so safe and comfortable about leaving my children with! I feel that each and every member of your team brings a special quality & all of you together, you really do have something quite special. The open plan structure of your clean setting & the safety measures you have in place; the incredible adventurous garden & the adequate parking facilities are all added bonuses that we also greatly appreciate. We are eternally grateful to you & your team Becky for working hard to get Ava talking in public in her early years. This was worrying & stressful for us as new parents & while I was discussing the issues with you, you so casually stated “we have some tricks up our sleeve to help” & within two weeks of you applying your “tricks” she was like a completely different child in public, communicating, mixing with her peers & growing in confidence. This is quite exceptional on your part & way beyond what I would expect from a setting. I know you have done this for another little boy too. This is just one example of issues surrounding my children’s development or health that you have reassured and worked with me to resolve. I really cannot thank you enough. I always walk away with a glowing “wow” when dealing with you. We have been with you for 6 consecutive years & in all this time I have never ever had any reason or need to doubt or question any aspect of your superb setting. In fact, I have been amazed at things my children have been learning that I never knew they could do! I’ve been overwhelmed in the way you go the extra mile to introduce children to new & imaginative experiences such as the visiting farm yard, the interesting insects, Mr Marvel, Peppa Pig Theatre, London Zoo outings and so many more incentives that I’ve seen you achieve. You give children an understanding of the world, cultures, fine art etc. It is very clear that all of you really do care about the children and your work is something of a passion. Carly has been an exceptional key worker for my two & they simply adore her. Ava still talks fondly of Carly (2 years after she’s left you). I’ve always been able to discuss anything with her & again, she’s been a complete angel at helping me. I noted that Carly had been teaching my children so many things that I didn’t know she was focussing on & when it came to light I was completely overwhelmed. The Young Ones children are always so well mannered at parties and always have the best table manners and etiquette and this has been noted by so many parents I’ve spoken to! As a parent I find you make my life so much easier as you are working constantly in conjunction with the many values I work towards to mould my children into being kind, caring & well mannered as they grow up. Both my children speak so fondly of every member of your team & this is very heart warming and reassuring. I have never been able to replicate some of Mandy’s meals (according to my children) & although a little envious of her brilliance in the kitchen I am also very grateful that she works so hard to make sure that the children eat well made, varied & nutritious food! You are always so accommodating with helping me with my requirements around my student nurse studies and you really have made my university life less stressful! I really could go on all day about how fabulous I know you are but I just wanted to let you know that as I sadly approach my final months with you, that Martin & I have always felt very blessed & fortunate to have our children looked after by true experts in this field. Thank you to you and your wonderful team. Truly exceptional in every way. 

Date Written: 09 February 2016
Testimonial By: Helen Flatman

 I cannot express enough how happy we are that we decided to choose the Young One's as our son's nursery. As a first time mum, anyone will know how difficult it is to finally let go of your baby and hand him over to someone else to look after, I was more of a wreck than him! However the staff at the Young One's could not have made it any easier on either of us. From the first visit I had that feeling that this is where I would be happy to leave him, you could see all the children were content and the staff all had smiling faces. As time has gone on, you can see that they genuinely love what they do, and I have the up most credit for them because it's not easy! The nursery oozes positivity, and enjoyment, two things I think every child needs. My son has developed so much in 3 months, it's quite astonishing. He was always a character but was not talking at all unlike other children his age - since being at the nursery we can now converse with each other and it makes me so, so happy. The nursery keep you updated with daily log books which puts you at ease and the staff have been incredibly supportive with not only Ted but myself too - and for that I cannot thank them enough.  

Date Written: 20 January 2016
Testimonial By: Lisa Coker

 The Young Ones offered my son the chance to step safely into a world full of fun and activities which enabled him to build essential communication & language skills and help develop his social and emotional skills at his own pace. The nursery used the EYFS framework throughout the two years my son was at the nursery which was an excellent tool to follow up on his development progression. I am pleased with the time my son spent at the nursery, they are a caring and approachable team, highly skilled at what they do, who are always super keen to help with any issues, support the development of your child every step of the way. Regular parent meetings, daily updates, children diaries and amazing daily activities. The transparency and dedication are key factors to the success achieved at the young ones ltd and other nurseries should aspire to it.  

Date Written: 10 September 2014
Testimonial By: Tala Sabi-Aish

 We would like to express a big thank you to The Young Ones Limited for all the time, care and assistance you have provided Antrix for nearly 4 years. He has developed so much both academically and socially; even our friends and family with children recognise this in comparison to their own too. This foundation will give him the upper hand when he commences Primary School this September – he is so excited to learn!!! 

Date Written: 07 August 2013
Testimonial By: Mr & Mrs Patel

 I would like to thank all the staff for all your love, care and support. From the first visit and the first day I knew you were going to be perfect and I was right. You never gave up at the toughest times and you have always been solution focused. Being a lone first time parent is not an easy job and it brings up a lot of insecurities and doubts about your skills and judgement but your support has made it easier for me and I am more than grateful and thankful. Will I recommend you? YES I will and I wish you all the best for the future. 

Date Written: 07 August 2013
Testimonial By: Ms A Muhammad

 We just wanted to say a big thank you for all you have done for Michael. He has truly thrived in your care. We are excited about our move but sorry to leave you behind. The Young Ones Nursery is a wonderful place, you really are outstanding. From day one we have been completely at ease with leaving Michael with you. He loves coming to nursery and often talks about you all at home. The environment you create and the opportunities for learning you provide are second to none. We have no hesitation in recommending you highly. We only hope that Michael\'s new nursery is as good but they have a hard act to follow.  

Date Written: 22 June 2012
Testimonial By: Mr & Mrs McLauchlan

 When it comes to the Young One’s Nursery despite their outer appearances, it is bursting with enthuiasium, excitement and very welcoming with various activities to do inside, as well as having a huge outdoor play area. We chose the Young Ones because from our initial visit our 2 daughters Nevaeh and Aiesha felt so at ease, which made us as parents feel at ease. The Young Ones shows a strong emphasis on creative fun and individuality with lots of opportunities for play and exercise which is supported through a very caring environment. My daughthers have both continued to thrive in their care and most importantly looking forward to attending nursery every day. As a parent I felt really comfortable leaving my daughters here from day 1. All of the staff are lovely, very experienced and have continued commitment to the children in their care. It quickly becomes apparent that there is not just a basic level of care provided here, but your child is going to be taught, nurtured, encouraged to make their own decisions and developed in fun and interesting ways. I would nad have happily recommend this nursery to other parents. I searched more than half a dozen child care centres in our area before finding The Young Ones, for the quality of care, facilities and price, this nursery was by far the best. Both my daughters have developed in both their social skills and communication skills due to the time they have spent at the nursery. They have also helped with potty traing both of them so thank you so much as it made my life as a full time working mum alot easier to know that I was getting the continued support from the nursery so that my daughters were not distrupted in any way and they had the continued flow for them to be trained successfully. The time that the staff had put in to prepare Nevaeh for school has certainly shone through as she has settled in really well and I have no doubt will continue to do so for Aiesha so thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in everyday.  

Date Written: 21 February 2012
Testimonial By: Rena Panesar

 My daughter Emma started at full-time nursery at the age of one, however she never seemed to be 100% happy. Presuming this was due to us leaving her while we were at work we perceivered, until 18 months later when we decided to try another nursery. Having met the Young Ones staff at a community fun day, we decided to take Emma for a visit and we were pleasantly surprised with how excited she was on just her first visit. I'm pleased to say that Emma's transition from her old nursery to the Young Ones could not have gone smoother. Seeing how happy she was, made me wish that we had moved her sooner. All the staff were so welcoming, the children were kind and friendly and there was always fun activities to do everyday. Emma would come home with stories of what she's done and learnt and the Young Ones team made learning fun with a variety of different actitivies: craft, cooking, reading, gardening, singing, dancing, football, role play and dressing-up, playing on the ipads etc. What's more the team organised regular fun days and trips out where the parent attend too. The staff at the Young Ones were always antentive, dedicated and brilliant with all the children. Emma would often come home and role play nursery with her toys pretending to be the staff. A problem we found at Emma's old nursery was that there was a high turnover of staff so she was always having to get to know new people. At the Young Ones the staff have been there for many years, which to me shows how happy they are and this is reflected through their care of the children and the passion for their jobs. All staff were approachable and knowledgeable, at the start and end of each day, members of the team would be available to discuss how the child has been, what they've been doing and any issues that have arisen. I would have no hesistation in recommending the Young Ones Nursery to anyone, my daughter was happy, well-cared for and developed skills through the Early Years Foundation. Just visit yourself and you only have to see how happy all the children are. Emma has now started school and settled really well and that I'm sure is thanks to the time she spent at the Young Ones preparing her for big school. 

Date Written: 08 November 2011
Testimonial By: Vicky Bessell

 My daughter was the first of “The Really Young Ones” and is now leaving to go to “big school”. From our first visit to The Young Ones I noticed a difference to all the other nurseries I’d visited. The professional yet caring approach taken by the staff reassured me that they would look after my little one and the energy they had really impressed me. Throughout my daughter’s time there she has grown from a baby to a little girl and I’ve been amazed at the things she’s learned and the confidence she has gained, partly due to her time at nursery. She especially loves Tiny Ballers and I’m sure she will miss “Coach Garth” as much as she will miss all her friends and the lovely staff at The Young Ones. Theresa Egan-Russell  

Date Written: 11 July 2011
Testimonial By: Theresa Egan-Russel

 To all at The Young Ones Thank you all for your hard work, and everything you do for Gordon – especially getting him to finally take his first steps! The work you all do is truly outstanding, and all 3 of us are very appreciative. Andrew & Georgina Mitchell 

Date Written: 07 July 2011
Testimonial By: Andrew & Georgina Mitchell

 Seren has been extremely happy during her time at your nursery. Of the three nurseries we have had experience of before, your has certainly been the best run and the one where the environment is the best for learning and nicest for playing. Seren has advanced in many areas (counting, colours, singing, social skills etc…) due to the focus she receives at The Young Ones. A big thank you to you and your staff. We will be sorry for her to leave. Anwen Edwards  

Date Written: 07 July 2011
Testimonial By: Anwen Edwards

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff at the nursery for the professional care you have shown Cameron throughout the years he has been with you. Cameron has really enjoyed himself and has learnt so much. I hope his new school lives up to the standards that we, as parents, have come accustomed to. Once again, thank you and I’m sure we will pop in later in the year to tell you how he is progressing. I am sure he will miss you all. Mrs M Pratt  

Date Written: 07 July 2011
Testimonial By: Mrs M Pratt

 One’s child is precious! So when it comes to the inevitable decision of where to leave your child when you go back to work you want to be sure you have the best. Searching for the right nursery is an emotionally exhausting experience. There is that feeling of guilt for leaving ones child in the care of others and the sadness of impending separation for several hours in the day. So you want to get this decision right for yourself and your little one. You have to get the right feel when you enter a nursery because you need to be reassured your child will be looked after almost as well as he/she would be at home. After visiting several nurseries we went to The Young Ones Uxbridge and the first impression was extremely positive. Staff immediately showed a keen interest in our little one and he went off to play with a member of staff while we spoke to the manager about other things. We instinctively knew that our little one would be safe and cared for well at The Young Ones and put down a deposit on the very first visit! The Young Ones Uxbridge has several points but probably the most important is the honesty with which staff communicate with parents. Even the slightest of falls or accidents are communicated to parents in meticulous detail. So as parents we know exactly what has happened at the nursery each day. There is a wide range of activities the children get involved in from making cards (our bedroom walls are already quite full of everything our little one has painted!) to days dedicated to celebrating various themes. Children have fun and learn at the same time. My little one has already picked up so much – it is truly amazing! The open plan setting with a designated baby area for the under twos gives a normal family feel to the place. Children seem to learn from each other and staff – contributing to their intellectual, social and emotional development. All of the staff are very child-centred and are there not only to do a job but obviously enjoy being around children. Staff understand the anxiety of parents and therefore have an open door policy so parents can drop in without informing in advance and can also call as often as they like and calls are always responded to with utmost courtesy. Finally, the test of a good nursery is clean, happy, content and thriving little children. Well, that’s what I have consistently seen at The Young Ones – Uxbridge! Mr Toscano  

Date Written: 07 July 2011
Testimonial By: Mr Toscano

 Life is always busy it seems, but I thought that I would pass on a quick note to thank you and your team at The Young Ones for your outstanding work over the last two years. As you know, we are moving to China and my daughter will be moving on from The Young Ones. It is testament to the team that she loves her Nursery; is full of tales of what she has done and always looks forward to going back to see her friends and the teachers. All have made her most welcome and given her an excellent start in life. Although busy, especially at picking up and dropping off times, your team have always been friendly and welcoming whilst at the same time, firm and professional – not always an easy task especially when kids are involved! Whilst I believe that you can be justifiably proud of your outstanding Ofsted report I think what speaks volumes is the parent satisfaction and word of mouth recommendations, which are much harder to qualify but are more of an endorsement to the success of the nursery. You are certainly well regarded on the RAF base. To sum up – A well- managed friendly nursery which kids enjoy going to. Thank you, keep up the good work and if we can be of any assistance to you or any of your team in the future we would be more than happy to do so.  

Date Written: 20 June 2011
Testimonial By: Mr Hutt

 My daughter attended the Young Ones nursery in October 2010. She had a difficult time settling in initially however the staff's patience, understanding, professionalism, co-operation and skills made the transition smooth for both my daughter and myself as a parent. Aamani now loves attending nursery and she has developed in her speech, eating and social skills. I would like to thank the staff for their transparency and willingness to work in partnership with myself which has given me piece of mind in knowing that my little one is happy and well cared for at the nursery. 

Date Written: 20 June 2011
Testimonial By: Shayleen Mohun

 The Young Ones’s Nursery have offered more than I could have imagined.. Superb staff, great activities. I have only had positive feedback from my son, Seth. I do and will keep recommending The Young Ones. Thank you all. 

Date Written: 14 August 2009
Testimonial By: Ms Williams

 Beauty really is on the inside when it comes to the Young One’s Nursery. Despite outer appearances, the Young One’s Nursery is bursting with space, colour and activities inside, as well as having a huge outdoor play area. I felt totally comfortable leaving my son here from day 1; the staff are lovely, very experienced and have been at the same nursery for years. It quickly becomes apparent that there is not just a basic level of care provided here, but your child is going to be taught, nurtured, encouraged to make their own decisions and developed in fun and interesting ways. I would happily recommend this nursery to other parents. I searched half a dozen child care centres in our area before find The Young Ones, for the quality of care, facilities and price, this nursery was by far the best… 

Date Written: 14 August 2009
Testimonial By: Mrs Bianca Malowney

 My four year old son Cameron has attended The Young Ones from the age of two, and ever since joining the nursery he has become a very happy, intelligent little boy. He never spoke until he went and now has a vast vocabulary. The staff are absolutely brilliant and teach a variety of things to the children, eg. World cultures, animals and mini beasts. He is developing very well and I believe truly that this is down to the staff educating and teaching my child. I will miss the staff at the nursery for everything that they have done and I can’t thank them enough! 

Date Written: 14 August 2009
Testimonial By: Ms Laura Berry

 My son has been attending the Young One’s Nursery for about four months and he attends one day a week. All the staff are excellent, and my son loves being there. His development has really come on in the past four months and now we are going to start potty training and I know with all their help we will have an easy transition. 

Date Written: 14 August 2009
Testimonial By: Mr Absar Sheikh

 We chose The Young Ones’s because Tommy was immediately comfortable and relaxed with the teachers and other children on our initial visit, a big contrast to the other nurseries we visited, plus the nursery came highly recommended by three of my colleagues. After five trial sessions over a two week period he started full time and has never looked back, quite literally, as he runs in excitedly every morning and has to be prompted by his teachers to say goodbye! The Young Ones places a strong emphasis on creative fun and individuality with lots of opportunities for play and exercise in a supportive and caring environment and Tommy continues to thrive in their care and most importantly looks forward to attending nursery every day! 

Date Written: 14 August 2009
Testimonial By: Mrs Helen Branscomb

 The Young Ones’s Nursery has been fantastic for YJ. He has really loved his time with you and always looks forward to coming in. All the staff are truly wonderful-a credit to the nursery. YJ’s progress has been tremendous over the past two years. Happy memories will be taken away by us and YJ. Many, many thanks. 

Date Written: 14 August 2009
Testimonial By: Mrs R Juttla

 The Young Ones without any question have been exceptional in every aspect of child care given to my Son. During his time there he has excelled in confidence, attitude and in his personal development. They encourage self belief as well as manners and morals, which I hold very high. They constantly strive to enhance, stimulate and educated to an extremely high standard, often going above and beyond their guidelines. 

Date Written: 14 August 2009
Testimonial By: Mrs Pryce-Jones

 My daughter thoroughly enjoys coming into the nursery every day. The staff are wonderful, the meals are good. It’s an excellent nursery. 

Date Written: 14 August 2009
Testimonial By: Ms Andrews

 I am so glad I chose The Young Ones for my daughter. She has learnt so much since joining the nursery. Also there are fun activities and outings for parents to join in and the staff are always friendly and professional. Everything exceeds my expectations of The Young Ones. 

Date Written: 14 August 2009
Testimonial By: Anita Chonk